Photos from a trip to the zoo

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I took a trip to the Lincoln Children's Zoo today. Jack, Ingrid, her folks, her grandma, and two relatives on her dad's side were also in the group.

The crowds were light enough when we arrived at 10:30AM. The sky was somewhat overcast, so I got nice photos of the flowers and trees with beautiful saturated colors. Here's a photo of a columbine that was growing in the butterfly garden. I didn't see any butterfies, but it is early in the season, with below-freezing temperatures as recently as a week ago.

Inside, I got a few shots of the various small animals, including this meerkat who was kind enough to stare right into my lens. If only he'd cleaned his face before posing for his portrait...

While walking around outside, we saw several peacocks showing off their plumage. I don't know for whose benefit it was, because I didn't see any hens. Ingrid likes the contrast between the two birds' colors. For my part, I can't look at the white bird without thinking it must be female.

Near the end of the visit, I took some photos of the bald eagles they have. The entrance to the bald eagle area is like any aviary, with double doors. Once you're "in", you can see the two eagles without any glass, bars, or other barrier---Their favorite perch is 12-15 feet back from a waist-height barrier that keeps people from going right up to the birds.

Camera: Canon Digital Rebel
Lens: Canon 75-300mm 1:4-5.6 IS

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