Recipe: Farmers' Market

First, go to the Farmers' Market, and buy: With the help of your significant other, immediately eat one of the baguettes, two of the tomatoes, and two of the nectarines.

When you get home, cut a 4" piece off the remaining baguette. Split the piece lengthwise. Spread quark on one piece.

Now, core and begin slicing a tomato. Eat the first slice, because it's not flat and won't work on a sandwich anyway. Put the next two slices on the other piece of bread. Eat the last third of the tomato, because there's no room left on the bread.

On top of the tomato slices, put a generous amount of fresh-ground pepper and a dash of salt. Go out to the garden and grab a few basil leaves. Add them to the sandwich too.

Eat it while listening to Garrison Keillor talk about the Lives of the Cowboys.

When that's gone, it's time to eat the next nectarine. It may be a good idea to do this at the kitchen sink, not at the table.

If that's not quite enough lunch, slice off another 2" of baguette and put nutella on it.

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