Soldering "helping hands" made with Loc-Line coolant hose

I ran across "Third Hand" and decided to make my own. The main feature of my version is the two-part circuit board clamp. The clamps were manufactured with Chris's help on Jr, his new cnc milling machine.

The bottom half of the clamp has two threaded holes, a 1/8NPT so that it can be screwed on to the loc-line, and a #10-32 threaded hole for the clamping screw. The top half has free-fit holes. Each half has a .020" deep shelf; together, the gap between the two clamps would be .040, or a bit less than a .060 circuit board.

The clamps hold the circuit board in place, and the coolant hose is fairly rigid.

Shown here is a junk board I never used, but which was originally intended to adapt the Mesa stepgen pinout to a parport-style db25 step & direction connector and extra screw terminals for additional digital I/O.

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