I've been spending some time working on Debian stuff, particularly packaging and porting for Debian kFreeBSD. Some time in the future I might wish to become a Debian Maintainer, and a step along the way is to begin using a GPG key.

To that end, here's the fingerprint of my key, which is also uploaded to

$ gpg -v --fingerprint 0x61566D123F01A10A
gpg: using PGP trust model
pub   4096R/0x61566D123F01A10A 2013-03-15 [expires: 2014-03-15]
      Key fingerprint = E5BE D60B 6F75 2B7C 3AB7  9CC4 6156 6D12 3F01 A10A
uid                 [ultimate] Jeff Epler 
sub   4096R/0xB1A1AF4B2F264FE2 2013-03-15 [expires: 2014-03-15]

I never really used my 2004-vintage key but in case you trusted that one I've signed my new key with it. In the future, I intend never to use my '04 key, the ID and fingerprint of which I'm deliberately not mentioning.

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