First few weeks on Digital Ocean

As I mentioned recently, I moved my hosting to Digital Ocean (link is referral code). All these comments apply to a 20GB instance I have operated in the nyc2 region for about 2 weeks, the sum total of my experience with Digital Ocean.

My needs are modest: I run this personal blog (python), a moin wiki, and some miscellaneous other web-facing stuff. I've selected the most basic 20GB disk / 512MB RAM / 1 core droplet size, which costs $5 a month.

Overall I'm happy with what I'm getting for the price I'm paying, and my sites are substantially more responsive than when I operated them on dreamhost. But there are some caveats:

Update, December 25, 2013: An earlier version of this page was inaccurate, particularly about pricing. An e-mail from digitalocean clarified that the price of the small droplet is capped at $5/month (and so on for other droplet sizes), so (now-deleted) my calculations based on per-minute pricing were wrong. They also clarified that IP addresses are never changed for a droplet as long as it is active, and that the degree of performance variation I measured is more or less what was expected. I also deleted some items about bandwidth quotas and monitoring because apparently no bandwidth charges are being made at present.

Update, January 9, 2014: Update statistics based on 818 hourly tests. I got tired of getting the hourly results in my mailbox, so that's the last update I expect to do.

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