Samsung ARM Chromebook: the portable I've always wanted

As you might remember, I got a chromebook back in January. A few months later, I just want to say: this is the portable I've always wanted.

It's small and light enough to take virtually anywhere, whether in a cloth bag or in my bike's saddlebag. The keyboard is as pleasant to use as any laptop's. Together with my cellphone, it provides web and shell access from anywhere civilized. It's never run out of juice in the course of a day for me. With Crouton, I get a full Linux desktop which also runs remote apps tolerably well thanks to the magic of xpra.

Really the only thing I regret is that with the laptop in developer mode, the boot screen reads "OS verification is OFF" "Press SPACE to re-enable"—and as I understand it, pressing space will reinstall the whole machine from scratch. As a result, I'm a little reluctant to hand the machine to someone I dont take the time to explain that to, for fear that they'll press SPACE when prompted to do so! This slightly limits the usefulness of the guest mode.

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