Bye Bye Netflix (blacklisting ipv6)

So after being out of town, I came home and netflix was broken. I was accused of being one of those proxy-using evildoers: "You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy."

I started a support chat and got "Jerry". When I told was using Debian Jessie to watch netflix, I broke his state machine. Eventually, he told me that Linux was not supported.

Meanwhile, I had been googling my own problem and found that netflix has decided they have to break the major free ipv6 tunnel broker, Sure enough, my traceroute was going via ipv6 today. Maybe I could work around it (that thread abounds with bad ideas), but honestly I'll be better off without spending time watching TV for a few months.

At least I asked for and got a refund for my current month of useless service.

Entry first conceived on 7 June 2016, 1:40 UTC, last modified on 7 June 2016, 1:49 UTC
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