Watch Repairs

My friend, "Time Guy" Chris Radek has gotten back into the watch repair business! He writes:

After a 15-year break, I'm now accepting repair work again!

I do everything from routine cleaning and oiling (full disassembly and inspection, multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning, reassembly and correct oiling using appropriate modern synthetic oils, timing and adjustment as necessary) of automatic and manual-wind wrist and pocket watches to manufacture of unavailable parts for chronographs or repeaters.

I specialize in Accutron tuning fork watches and I have a large stock of parts and many years of experience working on them.

Please contact me and tell me how I can help you. If you are a collector I've previously worked for, I'd especially like to hear from you.

His work winding new coils for Accutron watches is particularly exciting; he tells me he's heard of just one other person doing this in the last 20 years. These particular watch parts are otherwise irreplacable.

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