All integers 0 through 1,000,000 from short, digitless dc programs

I now have solutions for all the numbers in this range. The longest program required is 12 bytes. The final program found was for the number 966422: "BABAd*EC/C+n"

I consider the 23 characters " ~^-/*+|ABCDdEFIinOorvz", but prune all prefixes which are invalid due to stack underflow. 2312 is around 2.2×1016 or 254, but best guess my various programs have considered only around 5×1012 or 242 due to this pruning. Still, the process (including iteratively developing the search program) has taken several months!

What's next? I guess there's always the "fours puzzle", dc edition.

      4 4n
     10 In
      0 zn
     44 44n
      2 4vn
      1 4zn
      3 Ivn
    444 444n
      6 44vn
     40 4I*n

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