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25 January 2014, 16:17 UTC

Ctrl-digit to switch to tab on Linux Firefox

Since I switch between Linux Firefox, Windows Firefox, and Chrome, it would be nice if I could access tabs with the same shortcut everywhere. The path of least resistance turns out to be to make Linux Firefox understand Ctrl-<digit> for tab switching. So here's my first Firefox extension, which seems to do the trick:

Files currently attached to this page:


(tested on Iceweasel 26.0)


14 March 2012, 15:04 UTC

Google Literal Search for Firefox

Click here to add "google literal search" to your list of search engines in firefox. This is about like the original google search engine that ships with most versions of firefox, except that it specifies the tbs=li:1 parameter so that the search is literal.

If you'd like to look directly at the .xml file that specifies the search provider, it's google-literal-search.xml.


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