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9 October 2005, 18:23 UTC

QOOP -- the final chapter?

After seeing the comparison image I posted earlier, QOOP has thanked me for bringing the resolution issue to their attention, and offered me a Flickr Pro membership at their expense. I'm pleased with this outcome.

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3 October 2005, 23:28 UTC

Response from QOOP (updated with comparison images)

I got a response from QOOP about the perceived problems with my order. Be sure to see the newer entry about this issue.

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30 September 2005, 13:44 UTC

QOOP: My friends' reaction to one of their photo books

I ordered a 16-page photo book from QOOP on the 20th, it was shipped on the 26th and delivered to me on the 28th. The total cost including shipping was $20.04. Read on for my reactions and the reactions of my friends.

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7 September 2005, 2:55 UTC

Flicker and QOOP

Off and on, I'm interested in printing my photography. So today when I heard about QOOP I decided to take a look.

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