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3 May 2010, 14:27 UTC

hostmot2-firmware 0.6 released

The main improvement since 0.5 is a new experimental xml format for describing bit files. There are no functional changes in the firmwares since 0.5. Packages for Ubuntu Hardy are on the package server. The files attached to this page may be useful to people using other OS distributions.

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3 March 2010, 13:22 UTC

hostmot2-firmware 0.5

I'm pleased to announce the next release of the hostmot2 firmware packages. These packages are compatible with emc 2.3.5 and above, and will be the standard firmware packages for emc 2.4.

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16 January 2010, 23:23 UTC

hostmot2-firmware 0.4

The files on this page are experimental hostmot2 firmwares for the development version of emc2. For more information, see my post and followup. Update, 20100123: New 0.3 version works on 3x20, has debian packages.

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