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22 January 2012, 20:54 UTC

15 years of photography

Having recently made a list of computers I've owned over the last 20 years, I decided to make a list of photography equipment I've owned. This list goes back to the first film camera I can recall buying for myself, around 1997. In that time, I've bought 7 cameras and 11 major accessories. Of those, I still own and use one of those cameras and six of those accessories.

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20 January 2012, 13:51 UTC

20+ years of computers

During some downtime, I made a list of all the computers I could remember owning. The list is surprisingly long, and goes back to 1992 (before which I had a Commodore 64 but that barely counts, does it?) I came up with 10 desktops and 7 laptops, or a new machine nearly every year. The last 5 years have only seen 3 new machines, though, so the pace at which I buy computers may be slowing.

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