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9 March 2019, 1:33 UTC

The Drake-Howard Equation

The Drake-Howard equation is:
N = R* × f# × ne × fq × dl × fc × L
where N = the number of elder gods in the multiverse which might wish to consume our souls and
  • R* = The number of regular languages
  • f# = The fraction of regular languages that match at least one string
  • ne = The fraction of self-Gödelizing strings per regular language that matches at least one string
  • fq = The fraction of self-Gödelizing strings that are also functional quines
  • dl = The sum to infinity of the average measure of quine islands divided by Levenshtein distance
  • fc = The fraction of of all functional quines which can be realized by Standard Model matter
  • L = The time between Second Order Grand Conjunctions

As R* is infinite (actually, ‎א‎1) and all other values are nonzero, it follows that the number of soul-devouring elder gods is infinite. The Drake-Howard Equation is also sometimes called Rule 110.


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