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4 January 2013, 20:37 UTC

Screen-scrape ting device usage

Ting offers great inexpensive cellphone service, so when Ingrid's organization needed to provide a cellphone for an employee, I naturally suggested she use them. However, Ting doesn't presently have an API to check usage. So I put together a Python program that can screen-scrape this information.

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9 October 2012, 2:30 UTC

FTL (un)packer for Linux

Update: Added some notes about what is in the various files in data.dat

Recently I bought Faster Than Light (FTL), a game which runs on Linux (and also on Mac and Windows).

I noticed that there was a lot of stuff in two ".dat" files; the format of the ".dat" files turned out to be very simple, and so I wrote a packer and unpacker:

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16 October 2011, 13:20 UTC

Source: USB Stacker for EOS Cameras

I promised to post the code I wrote to do focus stacking. Here it is, in the form of a patch to pyptp.

The code is lightly tested on my Canon EOS 7D.

It's necessary to change the shutter release button so that a half-press does not autofocus. (this is somewhere in the C.Fn. menus) If your camera doesn't have this custom function, I don't think this code will work for you.

Manually focus the lens at the far end of the range, set lens to autofocus, plug in the usb cable, and run the program. You may have to fiddle with the "--stepsize=" argument in order to get an appropriate amount of movement between each shot and of course "--count=" to capture enough frames to cover your subject. For a list of other other options, run 'python --help'.

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