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24 February 2005, 15:44 UTC

Much better results

With 16 red LEDs, thicker plexiglass, and a mat, it looks much better and brighter.


23 February 2005, 3:03 UTC

It's in a frame!

OK, so there are still some problems left. But this is exciting anyway.

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22 February 2005, 13:57 UTC

Stippling with lots of points

This image has 12k points. I don't think this many points are practical on the mill, but it looks pretty good onscreen. Screenshot from the stippler software, resized and cropped with gimp.

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21 February 2005, 17:13 UTC

Stippler with variable-sized dots

(3500 points)

This uses the formula 1 + density * 4 / max_density which looked better than the "correct" version with sqrt. It remains to be seen how well this effect can be seen when hole-depth is varied.


17 February 2005, 3:37 UTC

Stippler: Turning photos into dots

A few weeks ago, I stumbled over a paper by Adrian Secord describing an algorithm to turn a greyscale image into stipples. Here are the results of my implementation of his algorithm. UPDATE: I added the original photo of Marie, as well as the version that was used as input by stippler.

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