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29 April 2006, 21:58 UTC in software

Onscreen Crosshairs in tcl/tk

I was staring too long at a screenshot of a graph on some web page, wishing I could tell if two things lined up. Well, inspiration struck, and this program was born. Two windows—one that is one pixel wide, and another that is one pixel tall—are created, and they follow the mouse around every 1/10 second or so. They're displaced by one pixel so that clicking will hit the underlying window, not the crosshair.

I apologize for the changing colors, since xor isn't available with this simple method of drawing the lines, it's the only way to be sure to get contrast. I considered making the color depend on e.g., whether SHIFT is pressed, but if Tk provides this information to a window that doesn't have focus, I overlooked it in the manpages.

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