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13 January 2015, 15:43 UTC

Maria Island

We spent one of our last days at Maria Island, just off the east coast of Tasmania. It was a beautiful, uninhabited island, with tons of amazing scenery. I've narrowed down our pictures to a few of the best.

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17 December 2014, 17:37 UTC

First Half of Tasmania

Here are more shots from Tasmania, this time from Jeff's camera in much more detail! The first set is from Cradle Mountain on our rainy, cool full day there, where Jeff found some cool rain drops and lichen. Then we visited the Tamar Valley Wetlands near Launceston and enjoyed a lovely walk. Finally, there are a few shots of neat insects from Windsong B&B where we stayed on the east coast of Tasmania.

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12 November 2014, 0:42 UTC

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road travels along the coast of Victoria to the west of Melbourne. It's an area of amazing beauty and contrasts, well loved by tourists. We enjoyed the dramatic ocean views as well as the wildlife. Jeff got some amazing photos along the way.

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10 October 2014, 1:30 UTC

Halls Gap Zoo

Jeff took some really neat pictures in Halls Gap Zoo, not far from Horsham.

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20 August 2014, 14:04 UTC

Kingfisher Cruise

We took a lovely cruise on the Murray River, between the border of Victoria and New South Wales, courtesy of Kingfisher Cruises. It was a fun trip exploring a shallow river area with a wide mix of birds.

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22 July 2014, 16:52 UTC

Tasmania #2

For the second half of our tour around Tasmania, we went to Freycinet National Park, which was absolutely gorgeous. Had a great hike up to view Wineglass Bay, and then visited other bays and areas of the park. We also stayed not to far away at Windsong B&B. We then spent a day on the tiny Maria Island enjoying being away from people and cars. For the last day, we explored the Royal Tasmania Botanical Garden in Hobart.

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15 June 2014, 19:19 UTC

Tasmania Sites #1

The first half of our Tasmania visit. The first part is all at Cradle Mountain where we explored many trails. This was the only truly cold day of our trip, but we still saw many beautiful places on our hikes, and wombats, echidnas and wallabies in the wild. There's also pictures here from the beautiful Cataract Gorge in Launceston.

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3 June 2014, 2:59 UTC

Zoos in Victoria

We started out the next part of our trip in Werribee, where friends live, and they took us to the Werribee Open Range Zoo, run by the Melbourne Zoo. There you can ride in a bus around the safari area, seeing plenty of mainly African animals along the way. You can also walk around other areas and explore other animals. They also took us to other sites in Werribee. The next day we wandered around the entire Melbourne Zoo, which is quite an amazing place.

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17 May 2014, 20:10 UTC

Healesville Sanctuary

10 May 2014, 16:53 UTC

More Sites Around Victoria

18 April 2014, 20:27 UTC

Victoria Sites

21 March 2014, 19:10 UTC

Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat

9 March 2014, 18:02 UTC

Florida 2014 (mostly Everglades)

15 February 2014, 14:35 UTC

Tropical Rainforest

3 February 2014, 22:33 UTC

Australian Coral Reefs

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