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13 August 2008, 13:01 UTC

Marking anchors in HTML with a javascript bookmark

To send links to internal anchors in HTML documents, use this bookmarklet.

I find this bookmarklet very useful when sending people links to emc documentation and the wiki, because there are often more anchors available than those that are actually linked to in tables of contents.


23 January 2008, 16:36 UTC

Math is hard (even for google)!

Breaking down 47.000000 degrees into degrees, minutes, and seconds, google comes up with the bizarre "59 minute and 60 seconds of a degree". Floating-point round-off somewhere? Probably. Update, March 24, 2008: The bug is half-fixed. Today, Google displays +47° 0' 0.00", -119° 59' 60.00" as the coordinates of this location.


26 August 2006, 0:48 UTC

The stupidest thing I saw today....

From, and presented without further comment:


24 June 2005, 1:29 UTC

Stross releases Singularity E-book

Charles Stross has released a downloadable, creative-commons version of Accelerando, "a fictional depiction of a possible Technological Singularity lying in our near future". I'm still in the first part, which I had also read in a copy of Asimov's Sci-Fi. It's good stuff. I'm glad I'll be able to read it from start to end, not in a random order whenever I travel and check out whatever copies of the magazine happen to be at the library the day I leave town.


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