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Notes on debian wheezy kfreebsd and zfs [debian-kfreebsd-zfs]
… work. Why not... Why not freebsd? I have so much familiarity with the Linux userspace and…

New hardware [01355170883]

My ZFS replication script [01381324272]

Encrypted ZFS for off-site backups [01385346693]
As I recently discussed, I use zfs replication for my off-site backups, manually moving volumes from my home to a second location on a semi-regular schedule. Of course, I would rather that if one of these drives were stolen or lost that the thief not have a copy of all my data. Therefore, I use geli to encrypt the entire zpool.

Decrypting geli volumes with portable software [01385778545]
… infrastructure is strongly linked with FreeBSD and I didn't discover any documentation of the data formats.…
… I read a lot of freebsd source code and now I've written a portable (I hope)…

Benchmarking ungeli on real data [01386977189]

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