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FTL (un)packer for Linux [01349749833]
(M)(L)Really? Twelve stuffs? Now I can beat the rebels. Update: Added some notes about what is in the various files in data.dat Recently I bought Faster Than Light (FTL), a game which runs on Linux (and also on Mac and Windows). I noticed that there was a lot of stuff in two ".dat" files; the format of the ".dat" files turned out to be very simple, and so I wrote a packer and unpacker:

Fun with iBird on android [01343678890]
(M)(L)Ah yes, the Least Gaga's hatching call. I can't resist tinkering! So, here are some observations about the iBird application on android (besides that it is awesome and if you watch birds and have a compatible device you should buy it like Ingrid did; I think there's even a version for the apple phone and tablet). If things like 'run adb at the commandline' sounds like gibberish to you, don't bother asking for instructions.

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