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Big Day Out [australia/01351589211]
(M)(L)Rainbow Bee-Eater On our first full day in Port Douglas, we went on a day-long birding tour with Murray Hunt of Daintree Boatman Nature Tours. We first went on a morning boat tour with one other person, and then in the late morning and afternoon he drove us to a number of sites that provided numerous opportunities to photograph birds (and a few other things). I took about 900 photos. The first six are from Ingrid's camera, the rest are a selection of the better ones from mine.

Australian Coral Reefs [australia/01352716308]
… our week in Far North Queensland, we took two snorkeling trips on the coral reefs. The…

Tropical Rainforest [australia/01352931761]
… gorgeous tropical rainforest of North Queensland. It was full of amazing plants and was lush everywhere…
… hole. These covered all the Queensland white sand beaches we visited. (M)(L)Green Tree Ant. Not quite…

Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat [australia/01353660922]
… Douglas, a zoo of North Queensland animals, including a great variety of birds, mammals and reptiles.…

Australia: Granite Gorge, Fitzroy Island and Lake Barrine [australia/01353920019]
(M)(L)Tropical journeys On our way to Cairns, we stopped at Granite Gorge, a private park. You can buy food to feed the Rock Wallabies (supposedly it doesn't make them fat, but they sure like it), and then take a nice hike over many boulders. It was a fun and very scenic day, and then we swam for a bit in their pond to cool off (though Jeff sunburned his back here). There's also a few more photos here from Fitzroy Island, where we enjoyed the rainforest in addition to the reef snorkeling already posted. Finally, we have some photos from our walk around Lake Barrine, a beautiful lake inland from Cairns.

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