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Photos from the Barcelona Botanic Garden and nearby [01273709741]
(M)(L)Bugloss from the Canary Islands (Echium callithrysum) These are photos from our sixth day of visiting Barcelona when we went to the Montjuïc area, and explored the many gardens there. We spent most of our time at the Barcelona Botanic Garden, which was huge and full of amazing plants, especially the Australia and Canary Island sections, which we explored throughly.

Jeff's Barcelona 2010 photos [01275855805]
(M)(L)Montserrat These are some of the photos I took on the Barcelona part of our vacation back in March.

Jeff's Barcelona Botanical Garden Photos [01276172604]
(M)(L)Tiny cluster of flowers I separated these Barcelona Botanical Garden photos from the rest because I took so many photos there.

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