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Breezy Apt Repository / Deb Mirror [01186407274]
In the last few months, Ubuntu removed the Breezy .deb packages from their main servers. I…

Installing Ubuntu 9.10 on TA790GX XE + AMD Athlon II X2 245 Regor [01262272994]
… systems. To my horror, 32-bit Ubuntu 9.10 consistently blackscreened when trying to boot the live CD.…
… clue by booting a 64-bit Ubuntu 8.04. It displays a Machine Check Exception error in pci_conf1_read,…

Debian? Sounds good to me! [01289138975]
… been seeing a lot of Ubuntu news that makes me consider using Debian instead of Ubuntu
… for future Linux installations. Ubuntu is not Free I understand that Ubuntu has made compromises so…

Need another reminder to steer clear of non-Free software? [01324219355]
… Well, through its "Partner" archive, Ubuntu is in the unenviable position of doing the same thing.…

Literal copying of GPL code into ZFS on Linux [01456800978]

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