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Victoria Sites [australia/01353922209]
(M)(L)A billabong! After returning from Queensland, we explored a variety of sites to the east of Melbourne. Wilsons Prom was a beautiful park on the southern coast, and we went on a couple of nice cruises on the Murray River.

More Sites Around Victoria [australia/01354589572]
… in Melbourne and cities around Victoria. These include the Halls Gap Zoo (a small rural zoo…

Healesville Sanctuary [australia/01354848353]
… Sanctuary, one of the Zoos Victoria sites. At Healesville, all the animals are Australian. The day…

Zoos in Victoria [australia/01356653168]
… (M)(L)Fiona and Ingrid at the Victoria State Rose Garden in Werribee. (M)(L)One of the many beautiful…

Kingfisher Cruise [australia/01359943585]
… River, between the border of Victoria and New South Wales, courtesy of Kingfisher Cruises. It was…

Halls Gap Zoo [australia/01360203393]
(M)(L)Red panda on the way to food. Jeff took some really neat pictures in Halls Gap Zoo, not far from Horsham.

Great Ocean Road [australia/01361933080]
… travels along the coast of Victoria to the west of Melbourne. It's an area of amazing…

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