Installing Ubuntu 6.06 and Fedora Core 4 on a HP/Compaq Presario V2000 PT165AV laptop

Last updated: 2006/12/26 -- The fan has quit, and without a working fan this laptop is a doorstop.

The laptop is now a doorstop

The internal fan has failed in the laptop. HP apparently does not sell a new replacement part any longer. I have ebay'd a fan, but it is a "new pull", e.g., used. I am not entirely hopeful that I'll be able to return the laptop to service.

I now have a litany of complaints about HP/Compaq laptops (both this laptop and my older HP zt3000), which may find their way into a future blog entry, but for now suffice it to say that I do not recommend buying HP/Compaq laptops. They are fragile, have glaring design problems, and when they fail after 15 months you can't buy new HP replacement parts even at exorbitant prices.

You can view an old version of this page on, if you want to hear about how the laptop used to work.
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