Bill #DescriptionIntroComHearingPriorityStatusComments
LB 45Change Provisions Relating to District Court FeesGayJudiciary    
LB 47Create the Offense of interference with Child VisitationHudkinsJudiciary    
LB 67Permit service of summons of propsed jurors by first-class mailStuthmanJudiciary18-Jan   
LB 68Create the office of Guardian ad Litem ServicesHudkinsJudiciary    
LB 75Provide powers and duties to the juvenile court regarding the placement of custody of juvenilesHudkinsJudiciary    
LB 76Change provisions govering the phsical and legal custody arrangements of a minor childHudkinsJudiciary    
LB 81Create the offense of school trespass and prohibit certain activites of sex offendersSchimekJudiciary    
LB 138Provide penalties and change provision relating to sex offendersFloodJudiciary    
LB 141Change Provisions relating to burglaryFloodJudiciary17-Jan   
LB 142Change provisions relating to intimidation thru the use of a communication deviceFriendJudiciary    
LB 143Prohibit government officials from requiring a polygraph examination of a victim of a sex offenseMcDonaldJudiciary    
LB 146Change the administrative fee for witholding of child supportMcDonaldJudiciary    
LB 154Eliminate certain exemptions from jury serviceBurlingJudiciary18-Jan   
LB 176Redefine police animal for certain crimesCornettJudiciary19-Jan   
LB 179Require electronic recording of custodial interrogationsLathropJudiciary    
LB 242Change provisions relating to assault by a confined person and create an offense of assault on an officer using bodily fluidsFloodJudiciary    
LB 261Eliminate provisions relating to religious uses of alcohol and minors' activities at permanent place of residenceKruseJudiciary    
LB 280Provide for jurisdiction over custody proceedings of juveniles StuthmanJudiciary    
LB 337Provide for confiscation of identification of minors attempting to purchase alcoholKruseJudiciary    
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