AXIS, Etch CNC news

AXIS gained a new feature this week. There is now an Etch CNC movie.

While AXIS 1.0 waits for the implementation of features Chris and I don't use, I did implement tool radius compensation in AXIS. There wasn't much to do, except that AXIS must communicate to the embedded rs274py parser the details of the machine's tool list. This works nicely, and I'm working on an enhanced version of gcode.ulp for eagle to correctly mill zero-width dimension lines using tool radius compensation. The hangup for that is computing the entry cuts in some ideal way.

I borrowed Chris's Nikon 5700 a week ago and finally made the Etch CNC movie today. It's a 40-second video of the globe file being milled under control of my simple userspace CNC software. Visit the Etch CNC page and scroll down to find the video.

(originally posted on the AXIS blog)

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