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Stippler: Turning photos into dots [stippler]
… positions are chosen, a desktop CNC machine drills them. The order the holes are drilled in…

AXIS Website Launched [01101397944]

Building AXIS on a BDI system [01101399015]
Here are some outdated instructions on running AXIS on BDI-46

What's the history of AXIS? [01101411814]
AXIS started as a replacement for emcplot3d, but became a complete front-end for EMC

Everything's coming together [01101825917]
Last night Chris and I worked on AXIS, mostly to get as many xemc-compatible keyboard controls working as we could.

Working on those last changes before release... [01101997813]
Every day we are struggling to keep ourselves from adding features! We decided a week ago to freeze the feature list and work toward a bug-free beta, even if it's missing some things.

AXIS and EMC2 [01101998950]
We intend AXIS to be used with current EMC1 as well as future EMC2 installations.

AXIS 1.0b1 released [01102198543]

Beta status [01102290183]
The beta release is going well. Several people have AXIS working on their machines on this first day. There have been just a few problems:

AXIS will be on BDI-4! [01102370471]
Thanks Paul C. for getting AXIS installed at the last minute on this upcoming BDI release!

Progress toward 1.0 [01102468345]
One of the main items for 1.0, use of EMC's g-code parser, is coming along nicely. (UPDATED)

More progress toward 1.0 [01102716853]
More testing is needed before a 1.0 release, but the major change -- switching to EMC's parser -- is done.

1.0b2 coming up [01103427324]
Sometime between now and Christmas, look for a new release of axis. Here are most of the improvements that will be in that version:

1.0b2 released [01104260817]

Introducing ETCH CNC [01104286247]
Come see my CNC mill. It's the cheapest CNC retrofit ever! No, I'm not offering a…
… one, the only, the ETCH CNC (originally posted on the AXIS blog)…

AXIS, Etch CNC news [01105914881]
… There is now an Etch CNC movie. While AXIS 1.0 waits for the implementation of features…
… and finally made the Etch CNC movie today. It's a 40-second video of the globe file…

Stippler: Turning photos into dots [01108611472]
A few weeks ago, I stumbled over a paper by Adrian Secord describing an algorithm to turn a greyscale image into stipples. Here are the results of my implementation of his algorithm. UPDATE: I added the original photo of Marie, as well as the version that was used as input by stippler.

It's in a frame! [01109127822]
OK, so there are still some problems left. But this is exciting anyway.

Much better results [01109259892]

Plugging an old project [01109379003]
… over the winter was the CNC etch-a-sketch. Now, the sad thing is that when my laptop…

Upcoming 1.0 release [01109885042]
AXIS works great for us. We're going to tidy up one or two things and make a new release with the dreaded "1.0" number. And then we're done.

Axis 1.0 FINAL source release [01110339472]

Serendipitous optimization [01111679069]
An implementation choice in stippler turned out to give near-optimal output for the milling machine

CVS snapshots and a patch for EMC2 [01118085817]

Updated patch for EMC2 [01118688502]

Yet another EMC2 patch [01118719324]

Experimental version of AXIS for emc2 checked into CVS [01118963491]
The latest snapshot, 20050616, should build for either emc1 or emc2.

Controlling EMC with a joystick [software/01119021973]
This Python program, which uses the emc module from AXIS, lets you use any Linux-supported joystick or d-pad as a jogging pendant.

Experimental version of AXIS for emc2 HEAD, bdi 4.x, and emc1/CRADEK_STABLE [01124418214]

Paul C releases AXIS packages for BDI 4.20 [01124719485]
Paul has updated debian packages of AXIS for BDI 4.20. As I understand it, this is the development version of AXIS. Thanks, Paul! His original message follows.

BDI bug affects AXIS? [01127012306]

BDI 4.29: bugs fixed [01127491762]

AXIS 1.1rc1 release [01127680343]
It's been a long time since the 1.0 release, and we've added a few more features and fixed a lot of bugs. We're now on the (short) road to a "1.1" release with the 1.1rc1 release. Unless a big problem comes up, we'll be releasing the real 1.1 in a week or so. AXIS 1.1 is targeted to several flavors of emc: The cradek_stable branch of emc The HEAD of emc2 The version of EMC maintained by Paul C. for BDI Read on for a summary of some of the changes since 1.0.

AXIS gets linked [01128912555]
… featured on, and ETCH CNC was noticed by Hi, everyone! (originally posted on the…

AXIS 1.1rc2 release upcoming [01129061108]
I know I promised the 1.1 release back at the end of September, but we're not there yet. On the other hand, some bugs have been fixed and missing functionality added since 1.1rc1. The bugs fixed include the ones that made axis essentially unusable on metric setups. The CVS snapshots page is updating again (I broke it during some hardware upgrades) and now uses 1.1rc1 as the benchmark release. The changes are large enough that I want to do a 1.1rc2 release before declaring it 1.1 proper.

4-axis half-stepping translator in AVR [projects/01129403515]
Chris started with a MAXNC 10 open-loop machine. The included driver boxes (which we came to understand were complete crap) use one pin per winding. This requires two parallel ports for 4 axes. So, a year or so ago, before he switched to L297/8-based boards, I helped Chris design an avr-based translator from step+direction pulses to the individual winding activation signals. Today I'm posting the program, which I compiled with avr-gcc. In the future I might post the board, which was a double sided design created in eagle.

Updating AXIS on BDI 4.30 [01131397768]

AXIS development news [01132511476]

Dimensioning [01132539079]

Stippler 1.0 source release [software/01133127497-stippler-source-release]
I finally got around to writing my own dithering algorithm, so now all parts of stippler are under a clear GPL license. Stippler is software for turning greyscale images into "stippled" images. I have have discussed it before on my blog. Stippler is based on the reasearch of Adrian Secord, but the implementation is my own. Files currently attached to this page: stippler-1.0.tar.bz27.9kB

Better navigation [01133229418]

EMC2 works great [01133233425]

Seeking contribution of patch to support emc1 HEAD [01133307922]

AXIS bug tracker on [01133308100]

Before AXIS 1.1 [01134348119]

emc1 HEAD supports AXIS again [01134415235]

SOIC-8 to DIP adapter board [projects/01134834815]

AXIS 1.1 released [01136145400]

Directions for AXIS 1.2 [01136301942]
AXIS with user interface in German Now that 1.1 is released (though a 1.1.1 update may be in the works), it's time to consider what to add in 1.2.

AXIS 1.2 Translations [01137430922]

AXIS 1.1.1 and 1.2a1 released [01137765365]

CVS Snapshots page fixed [01142289543]

Parallel-port Two-axis PWM servo controller for Etch CNC [projects/01142347802]
(M)(L)ETCH Servo Inspired by discussion on #emc and by the fact that I'd already bought two tiny servo motors, I've designed and built a two-axis PWM servo controller with a parallel port interface.

G-Code Quick Reference [01142603825]

Paul Corner announces AXIS 1.2.1 packages for BDI4 [01144760076]

AXIS 1.3a1 Release coming up [01145846561]

Off to CNC-Workshop [01147626509]
… coming week I'll be at CNC Workshop, meeting some of the people I've worked with on…

Post-Fest Post [01148166363]
I had a lot of fun at fest/cnc workshop, met in person a lot of the people I'd met online, and got to see some machinery I'd never run into in my regular life.

Two-axis servo schematic and board [projects/01148303608]
L298 single-sided board I didn't originally include the eagle-format schematic and board for this project. Well, here it is.

400kHz Triple quadrature divider for atmega8 and quadrature state table generator [projects/01149271333]

1MHz+ Quadrature Divider for attiny13 [projects/01149348342]
Quadrature divider board. Actual size: .7x.4 inches (about 18x10mm) This untested code, along with an Eagle schematic and board layout, are for a quadrature divider that polls at over 1MHz. The R and S test points are used to program the device. Like the 400kHz triple divider, this program uses a state table generated by "", and is GPL software. For real-world use, external pull-ups should probably be added to the board's input side, according to the directions of the encoder manufacturer.

Where's my AXIS 1.3? [01149906716]
Logarithmic Jog-rate Slider So many great features have been added to AXIS 1.4 that we're going to short-circuit the AXIS 1.3 cycle. In fact, everybody who is running the emc2 package for Ubuntu can upgrade to "AXIS 1.4a0" right now, with apt-get update. The rest of you can head over to the snapshots page for a copy. What's going to be in 1.4? Logarithmic Jog speed control "Touch Off" G54 offsets Keyboard control of feed override from 0% to 100% Lathe Mode with X-Z view and different cone orientation "Average speed" display. Display of "axis on limit" (symbol next to axis DRO) Directive to stop loading the preview plot of an ngc file

Improving Lathe Support [01151519310]

Skencil output converter for emc2 [software/01153065922]
I've written a g-code output filter for the Python vector drawing program Skencil, formerly known as "Sketch".

A few more features trickle in to CVS [01153186355]
A transparent tool of the correct diameter Since my last note, there are more new features in AXIS. Here are some of the more interesting changes:

Writing HAL components with AXIS's 'hal' module: Feed Override Wheel [01154705314]
This short Python program uses the 'hal' module, part of the development version of AXIS, to control feed override with an external jog wheel.

AXIS has become a part of EMC2 [01155174717]

Image-to-gcode in CVS [01156615138]

image-to-gcode improvements [01156766923]

comp: A tool to write HAL boilerplate [01157339338]
When writing HAL modules, a large amount of boilerplate code is required to register the pins, parameters, and functions. comp (working name) is a tool to automatically generate that code.

comp 0.2: A tool to write HAL boilerplate [01157458378]

comp is now a part of emc2 [01161727609]

The future of [01161727709]

Gantry Kinematics [01162326817]

Mesh-To-Heightmap Generator [01162659670]

Start of a classicladder 0.7 port to emc's HAL [01162843066]
I've made a stab at porting classicladder 0.7.100 to emc2. It now compiles on Ubuntu systems and works with existing .hal and .clp configurations, and I've checked it in on the "new_cl_branch".

Truth-table compiler for emc2 [01163779208]
Do you think in truth tables? "tt2comp" is a truth-table compiler for emc2. It produces a .comp file, which can be compiled into a realtime module. An example truth table looks like this: in_0 in_1 |out_0 out_1 - ^ |- 1 ^ - |1 - 0 0 |0 0

Updating Configuration Files for the development version of EMC2 [01163899959]

More on the pluto-p (including FPGA pin numbers for the "JTAG" connector [01165081407]
There are a lot of questions about the pluto-p that are left unanswered by the website and the "getting started" document to which you're given a link to after you order. I've tried to answer them for myself, and now I'm sharing those answers with my readers. The most important thing I report here is the ACEX pin numbers for the JTAG connector.

Pluto_servo progress: It's running cradek's lathe! [01165199941]
Note, 6/2014: I do not recommend choosing pluto hardware for any new projects. Chris is "successfully" running his lathe with a firmware. I used the scare quotes because there have been a few problems, not all of which have been resolved. But he reports that he was able to get better tuning, quieter moves, and of course higher resolution without the /16 quadrature divider.

Do not buy: PCI-8255 [01165433819]

Pluto-Servo: EMC2 Servo Controller [01166412010]
… used to control a servo-based CNC machine. The Pluto-P is an inexpensive ($60) FPGA board featuring…
… for control of a 4-axis CNC mill, a 3-axis mill with PWM spindle control, a lathe…

Pluto_Servo has landed [01166994496]

Tcl as a g-code preprocessor [01167315565]
Tcl makes a nice g-code preprocessor. I've proposed this twice before, but everyone seems to think I'm joking---I'm actually a bit serious. Because Tcl is an existing language, it has set rules for parsing, execution, variable scoping, and all those other hard things about computer language design. By finding a way to let simple g-code snippets pass through unaltered, but also escape to the full Tcl language, you get power and familiarity with very little effort. Here's an example, which will mill a set of slots in an efficient manner (first from left to right, then from right to left): G20; G0 X0 Y0 Z.1; F8 for {set i 0} {$i < 10} {incr i} { G0 X$i; G1 Z-.1 if {$i % 2 == 0} Y10 else Y0 G0 Z.1 } M2 Just Do It [01167419757]

PyVCP: A Virtual Control Panel that integrates with AXIS [01167748606]
AXIS with PyVCP showing spindle speed Anders Wallin, AKA etla, has written a new Virtual Control Panel. Over the weekend, I did a bit of work to make it integrate with AXIS. You can see the latest results on the wiki.

Pluto-Servo: A new option for hobbyist servo machines [01167750885]
… used to control a servo-based CNC machine. The Pluto-P is an inexpensive ($60) FPGA board featuring…
… for control of a 4-axis CNC mill with servo motors, a 3-axis mill with PWM spindle…

qtdro on emc2 [01167918097]

gdepth 0.2: a gcode "remaining material" previewer [01169521961]
gdepth showing 3D_Chips.ngc gdepth is a "remaining material" previewer. It reads .ngc files and creates .png depth map images and also allows an onscreen OpenGL preview.

gdepth example: virtual vs real [01169689661]
Back at Fest '06 we milled "arcspiral.ngc" on the mazak. Chris brought back the result, and here's the comparison of a photo and the output of gdepth.

EMC 2.1.0 released [01170037441]

Machine visualization: jmk kicks my ass [01170621073]

Simulated SCARA Draws a Message [01170693566]

Easy tangent arcs, and biarc approximation of splines [01171492370]

True biarcs [01171767993]
Several biarcs with same control points and different values of the 'r' parameter I posted some earlier work on arc approximation of splines, but those were not true biarcs. Tonight I did the true biarc implementation, this time in Python. I hope that I'll find time to drop this into emc 2.2 to provide a cubic bezier primitive, but the issue of beziers which move in more than two axes needs to be tackled before that can be done.

EMC 2.1.1 released; Development version improvements [01172459817]

EMC 2.1.3 released [01174246650]

net2dot: convert HAL netlists into nice graphs [01174426278]
Mill configuration graph After Tom P. manually converted part of a HAL configuration into "dot format" to produce a nice png drawing, I have experimented with doing it automatically by parsing the output of halcmd. Here is the program, as well as some of the results.

Image-to-gcode improvements: roughing passes, cutting arcs [01180522525]

emc2 on x86-64/rtai: that wasn't so hard! (Updated: It's in CVS) [01180573281]
On a lark, I decided to see if I could run emc2 on a 64-bit machine and the realtime kernel. After less than 5 hours work, it ran---I cut a thread in the air on the NIST lathe. It's not ready for prime time, but if you want to get on the bleeding edge of development, get out your amd64 machines and start hacking. Update: Now the CVS TRUNK of emc2 compiles on x86-64/rtai machines.

EMC2 on x86_64 with SMP (UPDATED) [01181319466]
As I posted earlier, I've succeeded in running emc2 on a 64-bit realtime system. Now I've tried enabling SMP too, and had some success. Here are the configuration files and scripts to compile linux and rtai-magma. Update: fixed the page's internal links and slightly expanded instructions.

Fest 2007 [01181527543]
… with EMC2 I'm attending the CNC Workshop 2007 in Galesburg, IL. The emc developers call it…

EMC 2.1.6 released [01181704482]

CNC workshop 2007: threads from emc on servo lathe [01181704483]

EMC2 does rigid tapping [01181942178]

pluto-step: it's not done but you can test it anyway [01183862490]
Note, 6/2014: I do not recommend choosing pluto hardware for any new projects. New for emc2 and the pluto-p board: a 4-axis step generator capable of 300,000 steps per second. I still haven't spun any motors using it (I don't actually own anything that is step+direction!) but the initial simulation and testing is still promising.

pluto-step ran a mill [01185276001]
Note, 6/2014: I do not recommend choosing pluto hardware for any new projects. Last night I had the opportunity to test pluto-step, first with an oscilloscope and second running chris's "maxnc 10" mill. Aside from two trivial bugs (one FPGA register was never being written, and "too long" timing values wrap around) everything I tested worked the first time. With some limitations, it works.

Stepconf: GUI to configure parport "step+direction" machines (updated) [01185733075]
… Information (M)(L)Parallel Port Setup At CNC Workshop, I spent some time learning to use glade and…

Custom USB input device with emc [01187535387]
hal_input and HIDKeys allow you to create a custom USB input device that works with emc's hal_input.

Doubling software step rates in emc2 (Update: Now in CVS TRUNK) [01188134101]
(M)(L)Step waveform comparison By adding a "reset" function to the parport driver and modifying the stepgen component, step rates at a given BASE_PERIOD can be doubled. Update 2: Revision 2 patch is now in CVS TRUNK. Update: Revision 2 patch which mostly improves specification of pins to reset.

EMC 2.1.7 release [01188230437]

Zenbot Mini CNC Router [01188338604]
… finally splurged and bought a CNC machine, the Zenbot Mini Router. It was $490 shipped on…

Second evening with the Zenbot [01188441458]
… Configuration Directory for Zenbot Mini CNC Router That meant it was time to actually open up…

Stepconf: Many Improvements [01189478247]

HAL: the trouble with doubles [01189609097]
On 32-bit systems, the widest HAL types are 32 bits ('int' and 'float'). Given that operations like ddt quickly begin to show problems due to the limited precision of float, why doesn't HAL provide a 64-bit floating-point type ('double')? Update, 2008-03-26: Clarify that 64-bit stores are guaranteed atomic on pentium and later systems, and link to some fancy inline asm tricks for this purpose.

Gutsy Gibbon's "-rt" kernel [01190912545]
EMC2's Latency-test on 2.6.22-12-rt There's a new kind of realtime on the block, called 'CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT'. Gutsy Gibbon beta includes a version of this kernel, 2.6.22-12-rt. I decided to give it a try.

EMC 2.2 released [01194287975]
EMC 2.2 has been released, and I'm the release manager. Hopefully my learning curve doesn't cause too many bumps. Read the full announcement, or below the fold for a summary of changes.

EMC 2.2.1 released [01194540041]

And the first new features start appearing in CVS... [01194541183]
(M)(L)Up and over: intelligent probing of a simulated hemisphere Now that 2.2.1 is out, the CVS TRUNK is open again for new features. Chris has one of the first, and it sure looks nice. Three new probing words have been added, and from these primitives it is possible to build smarter and probing algorithms.

5-axis machining with emc [01196094602]
(M)(L)Simulated 5-axis machine Chris is continuing his interesting work in the TRUNK, adding support for 5-axis machining. The work consists of several major parts: Visualization, kinematics, and interpreter changes.(click through for more details and a video of the 5-axis visualization)

EMC 2.2.2 released [01197985359]
EMC 2.2.2 was released on December 2. It has a lot of bugfixes and improvements:

EMC runs a real 5-axis machine [01198248840]

Analog inputs with Arduino and EMC [01198525592]
I recently got an arduino board. The AVR microcontroller on it has 6 10-bit ADCs. The version I got has a USB connection, so I decided to write an analog input firmware and associated userspace HAL driver in python.

Improved Analog & Digital Interface with Arduino [01198594294]
(M)(L)Arduino Virtual Control Panel (M)(L)Arduino Diecimila board Building on my earlier work, I've now improved the interface between HAL and the Arduino board to have: 6 10-bit analog inputs 6 8-bit PWM "analog" outputs 6 digital inputs/outputs (partition chosen when component is loaded) GPL license statement in source files As before, the driver consists of an Arduino Sketch (halintf.pde) and a HAL Userspace Component written in Python (

Generating HAL files from Eagle schematics [01200498465]

Release: EMC 2.2.3 [01201491753]

Release: EMC 2.2.4 [01205703367]

Bah, it's garbage [01210042966]

Release: EMC 2.2.5 [01210603900]

Experimental Ubuntu 8.04 + EMC2 Live CD [01210604189]
Alex Joni has announced a Live (and installable) Ubuntu 8.04 CD with EMC2 and a real-time kernel included. Update, 2009: By now this has been quite well tested and unless you have other reasons to prefer 6.06, you should probably install a new machine with 8.04. The original warning still follows for the sake of posterity.

axis-dropbox: Automatically open new or modified gcode files in axis [01212677260]
Whether you are writing gcode by hand or generating it with cam software, you will find yourself frequently hitting "open" or "reload" in axis. With the axis-dropbox script, a new or modified gcode file will automatically be opened in axis, speeding up the 'edit / preview' cycle just a bit.

Zenbot Lives [01215190154]
… ago, I got an inexpensive CNC router off ebay. It is constructed from HDPE, and the…
… usefulness in the future. At CNC Workshop I picked up a big piece of 0.500" aluminum…

Zenbot Tool Length Sensor [01216264526]
(M)(L)Probing for tool length Chris was kind enough to help me make an angle bracket to mount a tool length sensor.

Zenbot gets home switches [01217986161]
(M)(L)Y-axis home switch Last week I added X and Y home switches to the zenbot. Here are some photos. I need to better organize all those wires!

RELEASE: emc 2.2.6 [01218391672]
I'm pleased to announce the next release of the emc 2.2 series, emc 2.2.6. This version contains many bugfixes, a new unified driver for the Mesa PCI and parport cards such as 5i20 and 7i33, and a sample configuration for the Tormach PCNC 1100.

Zenbot with Wolfgang Engineering "TB" Spindle [01218927215]
… a piece of metal my CNC machine gets better. Let this be a lesson to those…

Zenbot: more success milling circuit boards [01219715210]
(M)(L)Scan of milled circuit board (full version is 600DPI Another day, another circuit board. I'm getting to the point of thinking that with all my enhancements to the Zenbot it is becoming pretty reliable at making milled circuit boards.

Copper-clad dragon [01221358219]
(M)(L)Front-lit dragon I started with a piece of dragon art I found online in gif format, converted to vector with inkscape, played a tiny bit with paths, and then converted to gcode with skencil. (an update of my skencil gcode converter is way overdue as I discovered several important problems there -- hopefully I get around to posting that soon)

New screws and nuts for the zenbot [01221947885]
At Chris's suggestion, I bought new acme leadscrews and dumpstercnc anti-backlash leadnuts. This was to replace the old triangular leadscrews and brass nuts, which measured huge backlash, .010" or more on X. This was due at least in part to wear on the nuts: fine brass dust was visible around the leadnuts after I ran a stall test of 1000 inches or so at 1.5ips; I had earlier measured the backlash as only about .005".

EMC2 carves pumpkins [01225384408]

EMC2 on Ubuntu: Stick with Hardy Heron [01225396921]

Doubles in HAL? [01225487061]
… direction, frequently seen when using cnc to create gears. Is it possible? Recall that HAL works…

Further double work [01225549319]
I updated scope_rt to use the "double read and compare" method to reliably sample doubles. I also created a test component designed to detect half-stored doubles. Update: I also tested on a 64-bit system. And things look good so far!

Still more doubles [01225680565]
The test I wrote earlier to run inside hal has one main flaw: the fatal window (if there is one) will only be seen when the fast thread interrupts the slow thread during the correct processor cycle; this won't necessarily happen very often! So I crafted a threaded userspace program that "busy loops", one thread doing the 'update' and one thread doing the 'check'. On a dual-core machine, the correct program will run for as long as I let it. If I change the compiler flags (e.g., to -mtune=i386) or change the program to not 8-byte-align the shared variable, I quickly see failures---typically, within a few seconds.

Double Precision checked in [01226324896]

RELEASED: emc 2.2.7 [01226456827]

Happy 4th Birthday, AXIS [01227191152]
Concept art of 'pyemc', later known as AXIS Here are a few of the oldest screenshots and concept shots of the program that later became AXIS. They date from November 2004, making AXIS 4 years old this month.

RELEASED: emc 2.2.8 [01229481954]

Current projects [01229482196]
I've been toying with a lot of things recently.

mouse wheel mpg [01229702111]

Testing spindle-synced motion [01233610326]
I wrote a fake encoder module that doesn't suffer from the resolution and speed tradeoffs of software sim-encoder+encoder, or need a base-thread.

Emergent Blog, now with 100% more CNC [01237592558]
… forward to more posts about cnc and related topics. Update: I've merged old AXIS blog entries…

Beta release: emc 2.3.0beta2 [01238343287]
I'm pleased to announce the second beta release of the emc 2.3, emc 2.3.0beta2. The new packages are now available for Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron". This is a beta release, and should not be installed on production systems. For more information and installation/upgrade instructions, please see

RELEASED: emc 2.3.0 [01240169742]
I'm pleased to announce the first stable release of the 2.3 series, emc 2.3.0. This version has many new features compared to emc 2.2.8. The new packages are now available in the package repositories. Because this version is incompatible with emc 2.2.8 in several minor ways, it will not automatically be installed as an upgrade. For more information and installation/upgrade instructions, please see

Released: EMC 2.3.1 [01242585389]
I'm pleased to announce the first bugfix release in the emc 2.3 series, emc 2.3.1. A number of problems in the 2.3.0 release were fixed. See below for a list. The new packages are now available for Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron" and 6.06 "Dapper Drake" in the package repositories. If you already installed emc 2.3.0, this will be offered as an update. If you still have 2.2.8 or earlier installed, 2.3.1 will not be available as an automatic upgrade. For more information and installation/upgrade instructions, please see

Remebering values between runs of emc [01243286411]
This is a userspace hal component which stores values to disk so that it can be preserved from run to run. Usage loadusr -W remember v1 v2 f:floatv u:unsignedv

Zenbot upgrades [01245634880]
(M)(L)Zenbot's new servo motor After some tiny little problems with ruined stepper drivers that I don't care to talk about, I kept moping on IRC until Sam found me these pittman dc servos and I ordered some, intending on upgrading the zenbot to servos.

RELEASED: emc 2.3.2 [01246968649]
I'm pleased to announce a new bugfix release in the emc 2.3 series, emc 2.3.2. A number of problems in the 2.3.1 release were fixed. See below for a list.

Zenbot is back in business [01250808513]
(M)(L)Small circuitboard injects home switch signal into encoder cable After weeks of not touching zenbot, I finally milled some circuit boards. Of course, they were for the zenbot itself.

RELEASED: emc 2.3.4 [01256740634]
… for a number of smithy cnc systems (1240, 6130, 622, 924) fix spurious extra G0 in…

RELEASED: emc 2.3.5 [01267622149]

StippleGen 2—Stippler, turned friendly [01339591793]

Got a 3D printer [01373898562]

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