Start of a classicladder 0.7 port to emc's HAL

I've made a stab at porting classicladder 0.7.100 to emc2. It now compiles on Ubuntu systems and works with existing .hal and .clp configurations, and I've checked it in on the "new_cl_branch".

Original text: The attached tarball is the result of my work. It uses the program names "classicladder_rt" and "classicladder" for the userspace portion, but is presumably not compatible with emc's previous classicladder configuration files or HAL pin naming.

The build is rough around the edges, and I only tested it on a sim-rt system. The paths in Makefile and Makefile_hal are specific to my system. After you've fixed that, the build goes something like this:

rm -f
make -f Makefile_hal
cp classicladder_rt.ko /usr/src/emc2/rtlib
halrun test.hal
If you decide to try this out, please let me know your experiences on the emc-developers list.

(originally posted on the AXIS blog)

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