Post-Fest Post

I had a lot of fun at fest/cnc workshop, met in person a lot of the people I'd met online, and got to see some machinery I'd never run into in my regular life.

What was exciting: We ran AXIS on the mazak and I got to see the mazak make some of its first chips. Lots of people were interested in the lathe threading, and I got pretty good at explaining it just like I understood it. We got feedback about AXIS from some people, and others said "wow, that looks great, all I'd seen before now were the screenshots." (if they'd seen those) That feedback led to the best new feature: A logarithmic jog speed slider which will be in 1.4. (1.4 is so much better than 1.3 that I'm tempted to just skip the 1.3 cycle...)

We worked on lots of emc stuff, including fixing bugs in things like the trajectory planner.

It was a fun time and I'm looking forward to doing a fest next year.

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