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DragonBoard™ 410c with rt-preempt failure [01441118358]

Proven Delights (and what are proofs anyway) [01438780429]
… the CBMC Bounded Model Checking software, and it gave me the idea to combine the two:…
… with a so-called "proof" from software like CBMC, you only learn that the computer says the…

Better pasting for irssi in X [01403613340]
While it's otherwise an excellent irc client, I've been frustrated by pasting in irssi. There are two main problems:

mailpie moves to github [01386012620]
My e-mail full text search software mailpie is now hosted at github:…

SNTP from Python: getting server's esimate of time quality [01385230755]

GNU 30th—Celebrating 30 years [01380550743]
… GNU project and the Free Software movement are two of the most important computer-related things in…
… on many pieces of GNU software (such as gcc). This blog is hosted on a system…

Debugging realtime components in UBC3 [01379554481]
Here's how to run the debugger on realtime code in the "unified-build-candidate3" branch from This assumes you are using a run-in-place tree with a userspace realtime model, and that you understand the basics of gdb.

Rotary Delta Kinematics [01373992365]

I hope my kfreebsd box is still bootable... [01368125019]

Adventures in localization [01362578353]
When a linuxcnc developer reported testsuite failures, a fellow developer discovered that our tests don't run right in non-English locales—in particular, locales like de_DE where the decimal separator is "," instead of ".". But I'm not here to talk about how to fix the testsuite. Instead, get a load of this behavior inside a bash that was started with LC_ALL=C: $ printf "%f\n" 1.23 1.230000 $ LC_ALL=de_DE.UTF-8 printf "%f\n" 1.23 1.230000 $ env LC_ALL=de_DE.UTF-8 printf "%f\n" 1.23 1,230000

Online Anagrammer with AJAX [01361313774]
At the office, we frequently do a scrambled word puzzle from the newspaper. Occasionally I overlook the answer for minutes at a time. In the past I've used various websites or programs to find solutions to these problems, but now I've written my own very fast one from scratch. It includes commandline and web interfaces (including ajax for lightning-fast updates). You can try it or get the source.

The growth of Unicode over time [01360162755]
The growth of Unicode over time This graph shows the number of defined code points in unicode from its first release in 1991 to the preset; the last data point is the number of code points in Unicode 6.2 plus all characters from the "pipeline table" of proposed new characters (retrieved January 2013). However, it is likely that only a subset of those characters will be in the next unicode standard.

Hash saturation calculator [01358170953]
In the quest to "prove" the quality of the numbers output by my Arduino Random Number Generator, I've come across the concept of hash saturation while reading about the turbid random number generator which uses noise plus hash to give high quality random numbers. Implicitly I've relied on hash saturation all along, but now I have is a mathematical basis for this reliance.

Screen-scrape ting device usage [01357331859]
Ting offers great inexpensive cellphone service, so when Ingrid's organization needed to provide a cellphone for an employee, I naturally suggested she use them. However, Ting doesn't presently have an API to check usage. So I put together a Python program that can screen-scrape this information.

New hardware [01355170883]

OpenID Delegation is easy! [01354380749]

Android "Birds of Australia" unpacker [01354324334]
For our recent trip to Australia, we purchased the Birds of Australia app; it was really handy during our travels when we were trying to identify birds (though there are some things about the UI which could be better). As a tinkerer, I was interested in finding out how the app stores the bird data and what modification opportunities may exist.

Connectbot patches for Nexus 7 + Bluetooth Keyboard [01349736626]

Fitler: munge long headers for display in mutt [01345429804]
Ingrid often interacts with people who don't know how to bcc; in mutt this is particularly irritating because you have to page past all the recipients. If you're afflicted by this, consider trying my little program "fitler".

Friendlier unicode entry in rxvt-unicode [01340900642]
The script in action I recently was hanging out on #rxvt-unicode where a fellow user mentioned that entering unicodes via the shift+ctrl+ method was inconvenient. He mentioned that some other program (which?) uses shift+ctrl+u followed by hex digits. So I wrote a perl plugin for rxvt-unicode that does just that.

StippleGen 2—Stippler, turned friendly [01339591793]
… However, it was pretty user-hostile software and doesn't even build with current versions of Linux without…
… to see StippleGen 2, free software (LGPLv2.1+) that performs a similar function but with a nice-looking…

A use for log1p [01338296613]
The ANSI C math library includes a few curious functions such as log1p, which is duly copied (or wrapped) in other languages like Python. The programmer without a background in numerics may wonder why such a function is necessary or useful. Here is a real world example in calculating the likelihood of a random collision in a Birthday Attack.

Google Literal Search for Firefox [01331737454]

Concept: Using rolling shutter for digital IS [01331648764]

Cancellation error [01331134959]
I was recently reminded of the importance of choosing numeric algorithms that don't behave catastrophically for certain inputs. One example is the calculation of 1-cos(θ) for small θ. In this case, cos(θ) is very close to 1, leading to a large cancellation error in the subtraction step.

WWVB CRT mock-up [01330998066]

csql: perform sql queries on csv data [01318779088]
… on this data without additional software. I'd rather not fire up Open Office or try to…

Focus Stacking Success [01318303039]

tnef2mime: automatically extract parts from winmail.dat [01316544582]
… berate these prisoners of proprietary software, so I set out to provide her with an easy-to-use…

Enabling caching of my blog... [01314571773]

Towards my GPS LED Light Clock [01308773950]
… the "algorithmic" parts of the software designed. I have the parts (arduino, gps, led, pwm led…

Mandelbulber fractals [01306845584]
(M)(L)Floater After the video a few weeks ago, I've continued playing with mandelbulber. Here are a number of images I particularly liked.

hostmot2-firmware 0.6 released [01272896838]
The main improvement since 0.5 is a new experimental xml format for describing bit files. There are no functional changes in the firmwares since 0.5. Packages for Ubuntu Hardy are on the package server. The files attached to this page may be useful to people using other OS distributions.

hostmot2-firmware 0.5 [01267622561]
I'm pleased to announce the next release of the hostmot2 firmware packages. These packages are compatible with emc 2.3.5 and above, and will be the standard firmware packages for emc 2.4.

RELEASED: emc 2.3.5 [01267622149]

RELEASED: emc 2.3.4 [01256740634]
I'm pleased to announce the next bugfix release in the emc 2.3 series, emc 2.3.4. A number of problems with the last release have been fixed. The new packages are now available for Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron" in the package repositories. Packages for Ubuntu 6.06 "Dapper Drake" should follow within the next few days. If you have already installed an earlier 2.3.x version of emc, this will be offered as an update.

CropGUI 0.1.1: now with gtk [01248401946]
Gtk version of cropgui Earlier this year, I released a program for lossless cropping of jpeg images. This week, based on feedback from Ingrid, I ported the program to gtk (it originally used tkinter).

Twilight hack source code [01243342699]

g++ trick for initializer lists [01242138812]

Beta release: emc 2.3.0beta2 [01238343287]
… models added interpolated position to software encoder counter - allows threading with low ppr spindle encoder…
… hostmot2: use same behavior as software stepgen for controlling velocity and acceleration freqgen: fix loadrt error…

Show recent e-mail in screen title bar or status bar [01237306768]

Facepalm of the day [01236908015]
I wrote this code for my red alert box and tested it using a shorter timeout than 60 seconds--it worked fine with a 10-second timeout. Just today I realized that the 60s timeout wasn't working; even after several minutes without communication, the globe was still showing green. The cause of the bug is left to the reader, but a hint is available if you click "more inside". void loop() { unsigned long now = millis(); // time since boot in milliseconds if(Serial.available()) { level = % 4; last_message = now; } else if(now - last_message > 60*1000 && level < 3) { // if no message received after 60*1000 ms, increase alert level last_message = now; // well, sorta level ++; } if(level != oldlevel) { set_led_color(level); oldlevel = level; } delay(50); }

cropgui: A Linux GUI for Lossless JPEG Cropping [01235516977]
Cropping a tiny insect Update: See the newer version of cropgui Of the pictures from my recent trip I'd like to put online, I've found that in 75% of the cases where I want to retouch the photo, it's to crop it and nothing else. Since I shoot in jpeg, it's a lossy process to load the jpeg in gimp, crop it, and write the result. But it turns out that debian's jpegtran has a "-crop" flag which performs lossless cropping of jpeg images as long as the crop is to a multiple of what the manpage calls the "iMCU boundary", a (usually?) 8x8 block of pixels. This feature was pioneered by Guido of some years ago. There's apparently a nice Windows front-end to this program, but I didn't find a Linux one. So I wrote one! It's pretty basic, but it gets the job done. You can download it below.

Canon Digital Rebel XSi (450D) on Linux Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 [01234628660]

Red Alert Box [01233419381]
… socket), and a bit of software. Buying all the parts at once would have been a…
… to go with them. The software on the avr end is very simple (programmed in the…

Smart gnumakefiles are smart [01231198019]

Userspace driver for resistive "pen tablet" of XO-1 laptop [01229800877]

Macromedia "rip guard" marketing dreck [01229392012]

Media file hosting change [01228142467]
… but found that my blog software is not well-optimized and performed poorly on the shared hosting…

lurg and epic: the 1-2-5 progression extended to real numbers [01227137105]

Domino Sweeper [01226670165]

You got Election in my Blog! [01225758203]
Based on the xkcd page using Intrade state-by-state prediction market prices, I have written my own program to fetch intrade data and show some statistics based on it. You can view its final output here or get the source.

Autoreprogram for DFU devices [01223124878]

at90usb162 gotcha: PC0 vs XTAL2 [01223089539]

Xilprg: Zoltan Csizmadia's xilinx jtag programmer [01220321934]
I was thrilled to discover xilprg. Now I can test a new FPGA firmware by just typing ":make flash" in vim: It successfully programs the xc3s200 fpga and xcf02s platform flash on the s3board using their parallel cable, without requiring proprietary linux kernel modules. Apparently it also works with the digilentinc USB cable.

Two-element capacitative touch sensor [01219970985]
… resistors. With a combination of software running on the microcontroller and in the PC, the sensor…

High speed transfers for logic analyzer [01219362482]
… the dual-channel 200Msps boards. keyword software embedded electronics…

Cairo-based waveform demo [01218769184]

Marking anchors in HTML with a javascript bookmark [01218632479]

The digital logic analyzer [01216696167]
… consists of GPL hardware and software, but there don't seem to (presently) be any pre-built boards…
… so relieved to have the software working at all. Besides the start-up problems, I've hit one…

How to tunnel vmware over ssh [01214491052]
… network, and install the vmware software on the remote machine. To create the tunnel, run a…

zeldaTp.patch: Nintendo stepped in (part 3 of 3, I guess) [01213703595]
… an important piece of Free software to being an uninteresting footnote, so I'm not going to…

zeldaTp.dat: complete corresponding source code (part 2 of ?) [01213121447]
… gold standard for a Free Software license, requires that you distribute the "complete corresponding machine-readable source…

zeldaTp.dat exploit analysis (part 1 of ?) [01213050575]
Since a source release for either of the major hombrew methods does not seem to be forthcoming from the original creators, I've started reverse engineering the zelda exploit. My ultimate goal is to create a hombrew method which anyone is free to build from source code. I will be concentrating on the 'rzde2' version of the Twilight Hack, since that's the disc version I own.

First crack at a wii dvd API [01212889187]
Update, 2012: I'm pretty sure that most of this stuff is long since irrelevant and superseded by stuff in libogc. Based on the information at with hints from a few good guys on efnet/#wiidev, I got a basic wii dvd interface done. It includes

wiifuse + net [01212803011]
I modified wiifuse to work over the wireless network. unfortunately, for me it crashes very shortly after starting. Update: after fixing two memory leaks (one in wiifuse-server, one in libogc), it works for minutes at a time. Update2: New feature in version net3: if you don't specify an identity with -i, the one on the disc inserted in your wii is used (no need to extract the tmd/tik/cert first).

Call graph from powerpc elf file with debug symbols [01212754043]

hiff: hashing diff [01210216375]
This is an idea that floated around in my head long ago, and I took the time to write it. I doubt it's of practical use to anybody.

mailpie: updated to version 0.2 [01209677603]

mailpie 0.1: full-text search of large e-mail archives [software/01209229437]

turd: Tape Usage of Real Disk [01206402027]

Collate this! [01198877098]

As seen in hell.... [01198272480]

Making a YouTube video of X program [01196105360]
Instructions for recording any X program into a video suitable for upload to youtube

As seen on the internet [01195490306]

l2h: A new converter from LyX to HTML (updated) [software/01191763220]
… is also viewable online. The software is released under the GNU GPL. Update: l2h is now…

Breezy Apt Repository / Deb Mirror [01186407274]

fuzzbuzz in terrible ways [01172617016]
Reading about interview questions is always a geektrap, calling for writing the program in the fastest (if it's a question of speed) or most perverse (if it's not) way possible. I feel I've risen to the challenge on this occasion, with several stomach-turning programs. Files currently attached to this page: fb.Makefile408 bytesfb.bash267 bytesfb.c1.2kBfb.cc535 bytesfb.m4171 bytesfb.py297 bytesfb2.py167 bytesExplanations of each file are below the fold...

Pluto_Servo has landed [01166994496]

Pluto-Servo: EMC2 Servo Controller [01166412010]
… with Chris to switch from software PWM generation and encoder counting to the Pluto for his…
… of pluto_servo_rbf.h are not GPL software and are not redistributable. When it comes to running the…

Do not buy: PCI-8255 [01165433819]
… made a mistake in my software, it appears that the board will routinely crash the PC…

Acronym of the day: STEWD [01165420801]

Pluto_servo progress: It's running cradek's lathe! [01165199941]
… (expanded to 32 bits in software), index pulse supported. The axis with index pulse must have…

More on the pluto-p (including FPGA pin numbers for the "JTAG" connector [01165081407]
There are a lot of questions about the pluto-p that are left unanswered by the website and the "getting started" document to which you're given a link to after you order. I've tried to answer them for myself, and now I'm sharing those answers with my readers. The most important thing I report here is the ACEX pin numbers for the JTAG connector.

Software Uploader for Pluto-P board [01164408418]
… failed to get the Altera software to run under wine. Xilinx does have no-cost software for…

Tired of missing OpenGL manpages on Ubuntu [01157053957]

Skencil output converter for emc2 [software/01153065922]
I've written a g-code output filter for the Python vector drawing program Skencil, formerly known as "Sketch".

Post-Fest Post [01148166363]
I had a lot of fun at fest/cnc workshop, met in person a lot of the people I'd met online, and got to see some machinery I'd never run into in my regular life.

Off to CNC-Workshop [01147626509]

ET-ARM Stamp [projects/01141702410]
… clone and the right Linux software. As you'd learn from the documentation included source code, the…
… I haven't used it from software of my own yet. What's missing? So far, I've only…

Aether: getting rid of the extra URL component [software/01137128545]
Aether likes to have its own directory component, which I called "index.cgi" on all the sites I've set up. Finally, I have changed my webserver configuration to get rid of this need, while keeping the old site layout working (I think).

Reverse Engineering the Samsung ML-2010 laser printer [software/01134173186]
… plan to disassemble the binary software provided by Samsung. To begin with I am going to…

Netflix to Aether converter [software/01134091849]

Decyphering an assertion [software/01133403001]
… some future maintainer of my software, the first time he sees my macro. Don't worry. This…
… change the way I write software...

Stippler 1.0 source release [software/01133127497-stippler-source-release]
… clear GPL license. Stippler is software for turning greyscale images into "stippled" images. I have have…

The best assertion ever [software/01132614188-best-assertion-ever]

Hershey Vector Fonts [software/01132595691]

So I had a memory leak... [01132262035]

Fuse-python 0.9 rereleased under LGPL [software/01126277815]
After a request for an LGPL version of fuse-python, I have repackaged the 0.9 release to include an LGPL copyright notice. Except the license change, this release is not useful. It's untested and almost certainly doesn't run at all with modern versions of fuse.

Myth! Myth! [01124028698]
… Linux over that any day. Software suspend works just dandy these days.…

Timestamp-based caching for filesystem-based dynamic websites [software/01121349427-cache_cgi]
aether is nice, but it's a bit slow, especially when many local files must be parsed to produce a single page. cache.cgi is a simple program that, in cooperation with any filesytem-based dynamic website, can serve from a cached copy of the page when it is appropriate to do so.

Aethertool 0.6 Released [software/01120415783-aethertools-0.6]
A new version of aethertool, 0.6, has been released. Compared to 0.5, it features mostly cleanups.

New version of aethertool (formerly called commandline tools for Æther) [software/01119035634-new-aethertools-version]
… related. This version of the software requires the external programs pngcrush and jpegtran, and Python 2.3…

Controlling EMC with a joystick [software/01119021973]
This Python program, which uses the emc module from AXIS, lets you use any Linux-supported joystick or d-pad as a jogging pendant.

a plug for Eagle3D [01117938653]
… into a neat piece of software the other day. Eagle3D renders circuit board designs using the…

Comments for Æther [software/01117935874]
This module adds comments to ther blogs and other pages.

Swishing revisited [software/01117920360]
The updated version of the swish-based full text search function for aether

Aether commandline tools v2 [software/01116607184]
This new version fixes the problems associated with GETting the preview page.

Commandline tools for Æther [software/01116250593]
Editing this page in the 'vim' editor This Python program can create new pages, edit existing pages, and upload files to an Aether blog.

Æther with a real editor [01116212431]
As much as I like ther, it does bug me a little that I'm forced to do the editing of the pages in the substandard "TEXTAREA" of the browser. for [updated 2005-04-21] [software/01112017832]
This Python script intelligently excerpts e-mail and forwards it to a mobile phone

popen2(), a C function for bidirectional communication with a child process [01108826729]

mailpie - e-mail full text search [software/mailpie]

Stippler: Turning photos into dots [stippler]
… I have packaged the "stippler" software (which runs on Unix machines with OpenGL). It can create…

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