Enabling caching of my blog...

A long time ago, I wrote but never deployed a filesystem-based cache for my aether blog. This weekend, I cleaned it up and it's now running live on my blog. I hope nothing weird pops up as a result.

The ultimate goal of this is to try to get the websites that are running on my home system onto a web hosting provider, where CPU and disk I/O are at much more of a premium. So far, it improves the time loading the front page of my blog by about a factor of 360 (yes—not 360%, 360 times) on the local network when a cached respones can be used , which should make it quite fast enough to run even on a shared hosting system like dreamhost.

URLs with query parts ("?…") are never cached, so if you read me via rss, may I suggest to use the URL http://emergent.unpythonic.net/_atom if you are not already.

If you spot any problems, drop me an e-mail.

Entry first conceived on 28 August 2011, 22:49 UTC, last modified on 15 January 2012, 3:46 UTC
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