Xilprg: Zoltan Csizmadia's xilinx jtag programmer

I was thrilled to discover xilprg. Now I can test a new FPGA firmware by just typing ":make flash" in vim: It successfully programs the xc3s200 fpga and xcf02s platform flash on the digilentinc.com s3board using their parallel cable, without requiring proprietary linux kernel modules. Apparently it also works with the digilentinc USB cable.

I modified the program a bit to add a working commandline (e.g., xilprg program 1 foo.bit), "run installed" mode, autoconf, manpage, and debian packaging.

xilprg is LPGL2 or later.

Files currently attached to this page:

xilprg_0.5-1.dsc453 bytes

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