More macro photos

I found the hot shoe adapter for my ring flash, and also added a 49mm +10 diopter to the mix. Then I ran around taking photos in the hopes that a few were presentable.

Makes my total macro kit consists of:

This makes the focusing distance under 1 inch from the front of the ring flash. I'm not sure what the total magnification of the system is, but I estimate it's more than 5:1 because a feature that should be 1.4mil (35μm) is about 20 pixels (the thickness of copper on the circuitboard image).

The image in the viewfinder is extremely dim and very unsharp due to the cheap diopter and teleconverter. However, by stopping all the way down to f/22 (I really should experiment with in-between stops to see if there's a sweet spot) the images are not too blurry and there's a small depth of field available.

Argh, I still haven't gotten around to cleaning my dusty sensor/lens elements. .. before the next shoot, I promise!

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