GNU 30th—Celebrating 30 years

The GNU project and the Free Software movement are two of the most important computer-related things in my life. At $DAY_JOB we depend critically on many pieces of GNU software (such as gcc). This blog is hosted on a system with a GPL kernel and a GNU userspace, and the blog software itself is covered by the GPL license. My everyday computer is a GNU/Linux system, and my cellphone and tablet have GPL-licensed major components, such as the operating system kernel.

I personally have contributed thousands of unpaid hours developing GPL-licensed software, which is my way of repaying everyone else who has developed Free software.

On the other hand, we haven't come as far as one might wish. My everyday computer doesn't function as well without proprietary drivers, and many devices that should be general purpose computers don't ship in a mode that allows their owners to install the software of their choice. Careful choices are still necessary when buying hardware, particularly if you insist on an operating system that consists only of Free software.

Here's hoping that the next 30 years bring more gains for Free software and the GNU system. Either way, we'll still be here.

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