Software Uploader for Pluto-P board

I just got a "Pluto-P" board from I have wanted to learn about FPGAs for some time, and my project ideas include making a HAL module for the "flashy" digital oscilloscope. Later, I hope to investigate hardware quadrature counting and/or step generation, a sort of hobbyist-level alternative to Jon Elson's fine boards.

The Pluto-P board uses the serial configuration method, with DCLK hooked to the parport nStrobe pin and DATA hooked to the parport Data0 pin.

This simple program uploads a .rbf programming file to a Pluto-P board attached to the first parallel port. It runs in about .6 seconds on my system. Since each bit takes 3 'outb's to program, the "microsecond rule" implies that the minimum time is around 480ms.

P.S. I've tried but failed to get the Altera software to run under wine. Xilinx does have no-cost software for Linux. If I ever make my own FPGA design, that would be a pretty important factor in deciding.

Update: The HAL driver for this board has been included in emc since version 2.2

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