wiifuse + net

I modified wiifuse to work over the wireless network. unfortunately, for me it crashes very shortly after starting. Update: after fixing two memory leaks (one in wiifuse-server, one in libogc), it works for minutes at a time. Update2: New feature in version net3: if you don't specify an identity with -i, the one on the disc inserted in your wii is used (no need to extract the tmd/tik/cert first).

Sample session:

$ wiiload server/wiifuse_server.dol
$ ./wiifuse -n mnt
title's data path is "/title/00010000/525a4445/data"
$ ls mnt/title/00010000/525a4445/data
banner.bin  loader.bin  zeldaTp.dat

Among other problems: Python's rotted my brain to the point where I can't use the C resolver library. IP addresses only on the commandline. sorry.

Also, I changed the paths to the keys/tickets/tmds to be incompatible with your system. (but just pop a disc in and go)

The libogc patch is reportedly in CVS, but I haven't checked it yet.

Files currently attached to this page:

libogc-network-leak.patch426 bytes

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