First crack at a wii dvd API

Update, 2012: I'm pretty sure that most of this stuff is long since irrelevant and superseded by stuff in libogc.

Based on the information at with hints from a few good guys on efnet/#wiidev, I got a basic wii dvd interface done. It includes:

all the functions could use some review for memory handling and return codes, but it's enough for me at the moment.

What's exciting is that if you call ISFS_Initialize after WDVD_LowOpenPartition, you get NAND access to whatever files the currently inserted game disc should have.

What's not exciting is that (as others have implied) there doesn't seem to be a way to read the entire disc contents unaltered. LowUnencryptedRead is limited to the beginning of the disc, while LowRead garbles what should be the plaintext tmd and related information at the beginning of a partition. (Presumably, it is applying the decryption algorithm to the data found there)

Files currently attached to this page:


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