Stippler 1.0 source release

I finally got around to writing my own dithering algorithm, so now all parts of stippler are under a clear GPL license.

Stippler is software for turning greyscale images into "stippled" images. I have have discussed it before on my blog.

Stippler is based on the reasearch of Adrian Secord, but the implementation is my own.

Files currently attached to this page:


Stippler requires X11, OpenGL, and libpgm. Hardware accelerated OpenGL is required for high performance. To build stippler, simply install any needed development packages and type "make". Several binaries are created, one for each different output format. These include postscript (stippler_ps), "g-code" to control a 3-axis milling machine (stippler), and a format I used to drive a DAC connected to an XY scope (stippler_dac).

See the enclosed README file for more information.

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