Æther with a real editor

As much as I like Æther, it does bug me a little that I'm forced to do the editing of the pages in the substandard "TEXTAREA" of the browser.

Well, today I'm playing with a Python script, using ClientForms, which may make that a thing of the past. It knows how to visit the "edit" page of the site and get the old text, throws it into a real editor (vim), and each time the buffer is written it loads the "preview" page. If I'm satisfied, I can click "Save changes".

This entry is posted from my new script, which I hope to put online after I work out a few bugs.

One problem I anticipate is that it will only be able to edit comparatively short pages, because the entire page text is passed on the browser commandline. Instead I could write a local HTML file that will redirect to the real page. But this is likely to work for pages of a "reasonable" length.

Next I'll be adding a commandline way to upload files to pages.

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