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Online Anagrammer with AJAX [01361313774]
At the office, we frequently do a scrambled word puzzle from the newspaper. Occasionally I overlook the answer for minutes at a time. In the past I've used various websites or programs to find solutions to these problems, but now I've written my own very fast one from scratch. It includes commandline and web interfaces (including ajax for lightning-fast updates). You can try it or get the source.

Whine!!!!!!!&exclam; [01146611339]

glif: generate client-side gif files from javascript [software/01126462511-glif]
It probably won't be the biggest thing since AJAX, but I hit upon the idea of generating images client-side. The current ways to do this seem to involve using tables or absolute-positioning of very small DIVs. (See, for example, My technique, which I call glif (for GIF and glyph), generates a gif-format image on the client side. One application for this that comes immediately to mind is client-side generation of sparklines-type images, possibly from an AJAX source. glif.html is a small demo which draws a sine wave in an image (Known not to work in IE) Update: SparGlif demo

Timestamp-based caching for filesystem-based dynamic websites [software/01121349427-cache_cgi]
aether is nice, but it's a bit slow, especially when many local files must be parsed to produce a single page. cache.cgi is a simple program that, in cooperation with any filesytem-based dynamic website, can serve from a cached copy of the page when it is appropriate to do so.

Aethertool 0.6 Released [software/01120415783-aethertools-0.6]
A new version of aethertool, 0.6, has been released. Compared to 0.5, it features mostly cleanups.

New version of aethertool (formerly called commandline tools for Æther) [software/01119035634-new-aethertools-version]
This version features image rotation and optimization, "put" and "blog entry suffix" commandline switches, and more

Wikipedia-like floating thumbnails for Æther [software/01118881229]
Adds a family of markup functions for floating images with thumbnails. It also replaces Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/jepler/", line 766, in markup text = getattr(this_module, 'markup_'+command)(text, meta, **thing_context) File "/home/jepler/", line 212, in markup_image text, url = _resolve_url(text, meta, url, page, file, True) File "/home/jepler/", line 891, in _resolve_url raise Error('Nothing to link to') Error: Error: Nothing to link to to include the image's size. This module requires PIL, which is used to find the size of images.

Comments for Æther [software/01117935874]
This module adds comments to ther blogs and other pages.

Swishing revisited [software/01117920360]
The updated version of the swish-based full text search function for aether

Aether commandline tools v2 [software/01116607184]
This new version fixes the problems associated with GETting the preview page.

Commandline tools for Æther [software/01116250593]
Editing this page in the 'vim' editor This Python program can create new pages, edit existing pages, and upload files to an Aether blog.

Æther with a real editor [01116212431]
As much as I like ther, it does bug me a little that I'm forced to do the editing of the pages in the substandard "TEXTAREA" of the browser.

speaking of busts... [01112924139]
My HP laptop was picked up yesterday for its second bout of warranty service. I should have it back soon. But read on for the story of what happened when I played good customer and followed the support tech's advice.

Searching Aether with swish-e [01111165526]
Here's some code to make the search form on your aether blog use the powerful full-text indexer swish-e

A patch to aether so that the sidebars are visible in IE [01108956873]

First Thoughts about Aether [01098728686]
The basic concept of Aether is that all the modification can be done by a web interface

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