Wikipedia-like floating thumbnails for Æther

This icon indicates that the image can be zoomed
Adds a family of markup functions for floating images with thumbnails. It also replaces [image] to include the image's size. This module requires PIL, which is used to find the size of images.

Usage: In, add the line from thumbs import *. Change the zoom_image URL to match your local configuration.

Use these new markup elements: [rightthumb], [leftthumb], [rightimage], [leftimage] and [clear].

Each one takes a [caption], and the thumbnail versions take a [thumbext]. All images are assumed to be attached to the current page.

The thumbnail has the same basename as the full-size image with -small appended. If [thumbext] is specified (with leading dot, as in [thumbext .jpg]), that is the extension of the thumbnail. Otherwise, it is the same as the full-size image.

The markup [clear] with an optional argument of left or right makes the text following it appear below any floating images that are earlier in the file.

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