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First Thoughts about Aether [01098728686]
The basic concept of Aether is that all the modification can be done by a web interface

Searching Aether with swish-e [01111165526]
Here's some code to make the search form on your aether blog use the powerful full-text indexer swish-e for [updated 2005-04-21] [software/01112017832]
This Python script intelligently excerpts e-mail and forwards it to a mobile phone. The parts…

Setting the NET_WM_ICON for Tkinter application windows [software/01112237744]
The icon created by the example program This somewhat hackish module can be used to set the NET_WM_ICON for your Tkinter application.

Æther with a real editor [01116212431]
… today I'm playing with a Python script, using ClientForms, which may make that a thing of…

Commandline tools for Æther [software/01116250593]
… in the 'vim' editor This Python program can create new pages, edit existing pages, and upload…
… the regular HTTP interface. Requirements: Python 2.3 or better (for tempfile.mkstemp) and ClientForm 0.1.17 or better.…

Aether commandline tools v2 [software/01116607184]
This new version fixes the problems associated with GETting the preview page.

Swishing revisited [software/01117920360]
The updated version of the swish-based full text search function for aether

Comments for Æther [software/01117935874]
This module adds comments to Æther blogs and other pages.

Inter-entry links for Æther [software/01118783687]
This module adds links to the next and previous entries in a blog

Controlling EMC with a joystick [software/01119021973]
This Python program, which uses the emc module from AXIS, lets you use any Linux-supported joystick…

New version of aethertool (formerly called commandline tools for Æther) [software/01119035634-new-aethertools-version]
… programs pngcrush and jpegtran, and Python 2.3 or newer. Files currently attached to this page: aethertool.tar.gz14.9kB…

Aethertool 0.6 Released [software/01120415783-aethertools-0.6]
A new version of aethertool, 0.6, has been released. Compared to 0.5, it features mostly cleanups.

Fuse-python 0.9 rereleased under LGPL [software/01126277815]
After a request for an LGPL version of fuse-python, I have repackaged the 0.9 release to include an LGPL copyright notice. Except the license change, this release is not useful. It's untested and almost certainly doesn't run at all with modern versions of fuse.

So I had a memory leak... [01132262035]
… Oh well, if everything about Python were perfect, life would be boring.…

Netflix to Aether converter [software/01134091849]

Aether: getting rid of the extra URL component [software/01137128545]
Aether likes to have its own directory component, which I called "index.cgi" on all the sites I've set up. Finally, I have changed my webserver configuration to get rid of this need, while keeping the old site layout working (I think).

400kHz Triple quadrature divider for atmega8 and quadrature state table generator [projects/01149271333]
… very managable. is a Python program which generates a quadrature divider table. By changing 'N',…

Skencil output converter for emc2 [software/01153065922]
… g-code output filter for the Python vector drawing program Skencil, formerly known as "Sketch". Features: Converts…

fuzzbuzz in terrible ways [01172617016]
… way to write this in Python, since the clear ways can be so very clear. Unfortunately,…
… use the "ternary-like" operator in Python will catch on to the fuzz and buzz functions right… compare pin assignments from two Quartus II .qsf files [01184030881]
Recently when developing pluto_step I wanted to make sure I knew the relationship between its pinout and that of pluto_servo. For that purpose, I wrote this script. Files currently attached to this page: pincompare.py1.4kB

l2h: A new converter from LyX to HTML (updated) [software/01191763220]
The internet is littered with abandonded converters from Latex or LyX to HTML, so why not add one more?

turd: Tape Usage of Real Disk [01206402027]

mailpie 0.1: full-text search of large e-mail archives [software/01209229437]

mailpie: updated to version 0.2 [01209677603]

hiff: hashing diff [01210216375]
This is an idea that floated around in my head long ago, and I took the time to write it. I doubt it's of practical use to anybody.

Call graph from powerpc elf file with debug symbols [01212754043]
… Requires powerpc development tools, graphvis, python, and a wii homebrew .elf with symbols intact. Files currently…

Cairo-based waveform demo [01218769184]
… toss this online. It's a Python / Cairo / Gtk based waveform viewer. Maybe it will…

Autoreprogram for DFU devices [01223124878]

You got Election in my Blog! [01225758203]
Based on the xkcd page using Intrade state-by-state prediction market prices, I have written my own program to fetch intrade data and show some statistics based on it. You can view its final output here or get the source.

Domino Sweeper [01226670165]
… announcement has a note that Python 1.5.2 is required should give you some idea--I wrote this…
… sure it runs with modern python (it did without modification) and added a GPL notice. It's…

XO-1 screen simulation [01226934973]
… the luminosity postprocessing step. Usage: python [-m 0|1|2] [-b 0..1] [-a 0..1] infile.ext outfile.ext --…
… convert and save image python infile.ext -- view image and set parameters interactively olpc and…

lurg and epic: the 1-2-5 progression extended to real numbers [01227137105]

cropgui: A Linux GUI for Lossless JPEG Cropping [01235516977]
… pixels. cropgui is written in Python and requires python, python-tkinter, python-imaging, python-imaging-tk, and libjpeg-progs. It is…

Show recent e-mail in screen title bar or status bar [01237306768]

Remebering values between runs of emc [01243286411]
This is a userspace hal component which stores values to disk so that it can be preserved from run to run. Usage loadusr -W remember v1 v2 f:floatv u:unsignedv

CropGUI 0.1.1: now with gtk [01248401946]
Gtk version of cropgui Earlier this year, I released a program for lossless cropping of jpeg images. This week, based on feedback from Ingrid, I ported the program to gtk (it originally used tkinter).

tnef2mime: automatically extract parts from winmail.dat [01316544582]

csql: perform sql queries on csv data [01318779088]

sorttop: show the biggest values as a program runs [01329670473]
… this end, I've written a Python program I call 'sorttop'; it continually reads stdin, sorts the…
… usage: du -hx / | python Update, Feb 20, 2012: Revised the script to work…

Every once in a while, Python is too slow [01330399156]
… knowledge that there was a Python implementation of the control program that was said to run…
… python2.5, but it looks like Python 2.7's ctypes still does essentially the same thing, unfortunately) I…

FTL (un)packer for Linux [01349749833]
… worse. Usage: cp data.dat data.dat.orig python --unpack data.dat data_new ... edit inside data_new python…
… one unixism in the attached Python script (the usage of 'mmap'). As an example, I changed…

Android "Birds of Australia" unpacker [01354324334]
… out its data files: $ python 712.edf After unpacking, the bird images have names like…

moinmoin cleanup script [01358440467]
… pages. So I wrote a Python script to clean these up. It's intended to be run…

tardiff: diff two (compressed) tar files without extracting [01369085869]
Recently I was googling for a script to compare tar files, and found references to a perl script (which I did not read) which reportedly did this by expanding both tar files and then diffing the trees. This would actually have been fine for my case, but some people noted that their use case involved tarfiles that were too big to extract comfortably. I assume that this is due to space considerations, but doubtless there are time considerations too.

Callcentric "click 2 dial" commandline client [01380741541]
… international outcalling) I wrote a Python commandline client for their "click 2 dial" service. To use…

SNTP from Python: getting server's esimate of time quality [01385230755]
… attached program is a basic Python SNTP client which by default polls the local server every…

Red: the perfect unit of measurement? [01392844659]

How do you check a signature on a PGP/Mime message [01393247437]
…I'll answer in Python. First, put your whole message in a file in unix "mbox" format…
… brain-dead GUI mailer!), then in Python extract the signature and the signed message, and finally invoke…

Precision vs Accuracy: A Clock [01559524629]

Si5351 Frequency Planner in Python [01597601150]

Quick CircuitPython Driver for ES100 WWVB Receiver [01624499029]

Using Adafruit Macropad as LinuxCNC Control Pendant [01629313423]
Update, 2021-09-25: For compatibility with CircuitPython 7.0.0 CircuitPython recently gained the power to have custom USB descriptors. With these, we can define a USB HID device that will work with LinuxCNC's hal_input. For instance, the Adafruit Macropad has a (very coarse, just 20 detents/revolution) encoder, 12 keyswitch positions, and an OLED screen. The two pieces of software below, when placed in the CIRCUITPY drive as and configure it for use with hal_input, using a halcmd line similar to loadusr -W hal_input Macropad. I haven't actually done the work of hooking it all the way up to Touchy yet, but it causes all the buttons & the encoder to appear in halcmd show pin. This is just the device I picked first; there's nothing to prevent you from hooking up more exotic things like voltage/temperature monitors through added CircuitPython code. Addition of output reports for status indicators is left for the motivated reader.

My experience adding type annotations to a 2.5k-line Python library [01633477263]
The wwvb package for Python has been a focus of my recent hobby-time programming. I've used…
… and outs of maintaining a Python package. In the past, I used it to learn about…

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