compare pin assignments from two Quartus II .qsf files

Recently when developing pluto_step I wanted to make sure I knew the relationship between its pinout and that of pluto_servo. For that purpose, I wrote this script.

Files currently attached to this page:


For that pair of projects, it prints the following:

  PIN_14  down[3]   dir[3]
  PIN_15  down[2]   dir[2]
  PIN_20  down[0]   dir[0]
  PIN_21    up[0]  step[0]
  PIN_22    up[1]  step[1]
  PIN_23  down[1]   dir[1]
  PIN_26    up[2]  step[2]
  PIN_27    up[3]  step[3]
  PIN_28 quadA[0]   din[8]
  PIN_29 quadB[0]   din[9]
  PIN_38 quadZ[0]  din[10]
  PIN_39 quadA[1]  din[11]
  PIN_40 quadB[1]  din[12]
  PIN_43 quadZ[1]  din[13]
  PIN_45 quadA[2]  din[14]
  PIN_46 quadB[2]  din[15]
  PIN_47 quadZ[2] dout[10]
  PIN_55 quadA[3] dout[11]
  PIN_56 quadZ[3] dout[12]
  PIN_57 quadB[3] dout[13]

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