pluto-step: it's not done but you can test it anyway

Note, 6/2014: I do not recommend choosing pluto hardware for any new projects.

New for emc2 and the pluto-p board: a 4-axis step generator capable of 300,000 steps per second. I still haven't spun any motors using it (I don't actually own anything that is step+direction!) but the initial simulation and testing is still promising.

The driver has 4 step+direction channels, 14 dedicated digital outputs, and 16 dedicated digital inputs. I'm hoping to find a way to squeeze in one PWM and one quadrature, but right now it doesn't look too promising.

The pinout is similar to pluto-servo: the step/direction pins are in the same locationas the PWM up/down pins. The quadrature pins are repurposed as extra dedicated digital inputs and outputs.

The source code (verilog firmware and comp driver) are in CVS.
(originally posted on the AXIS blog)

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