Remebering values between runs of emc

This is a userspace hal component which stores values to disk so that it can be preserved from run to run.


loadusr -W remember v1 v2 f:floatv u:unsignedv

Values are signed integers by default; use f: for floats and u: for unsigned integers.


remember.<name>.stored-value (OUT)
The remembered value of the pin. If the associated state file (e.g., v1.state or floatv.state) exists when the component is loaded, this is the initial value.
rememer.<name>.new-value (IN)
When a rising edge is seen on store, new-value is copied to stored-value and stored to the state file on disk.
remember.<name>.store (IN)
remember.<name>.stored (OUT)
These lines perform a two-wire handshake much like tool-prepare and tool-prepared to store a new value and save the value to disk. Typically, stored will be asserted within 100ms of store being asserted, but as remember is a userspace component there is no timing guarantee.


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After downloading, 'chmod +x remember' and copy it to a directory on your PATH.

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