Don't wreck your system with miniconda/anaconda

I guess this software is a tolerable way to install those libraries and packages needed for so many machine learning things written in Python. But annoyingly, it wants to "go to the head of the line" in front of system Python. This is reallllyyyy not what I want.

I noticed that the little blob it deposits in ~/.bashrc can easily be surrounded with a function definition. So, now to activate anaconda in the current shell, but never replace/hide system python in a normal shell, I can just type "fml".

fml () {
# >>> conda initialize >>>
# !! Contents within this block are managed by 'conda init' !!
__conda_setup="$('/home/jepler/miniconda3/bin/conda' 'shell.bash' 'hook' 2> /dev/null)"
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
    eval "$__conda_setup"
    if [ -f "/home/jepler/miniconda3/etc/profile.d/" ]; then
        . "/home/jepler/miniconda3/etc/profile.d/"
        export PATH="/home/jepler/miniconda3/bin:$PATH"
unset __conda_setup
# <<< conda initialize <<<

Now I don't feel quite so worried that having it present on the system is going to interfere with system software or with software I've installed to work with system software via pip.

Entry first conceived on 31 August 2022, 2:14 UTC, last modified on 31 August 2022, 2:19 UTC
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