Recent keyboard deeds

I made several USB HID keyboard conversions recently. They all use CircuitPython. The hardware setup is not documented as none are worthy of being called finished projects at this point, but the source code gives an idea what connections are needed. One or more of these may be the subject of a future Adafruit Learning System Guide.

Click a triangle to see the full code as an embedded github gist. (Note: if you're viewing this in a RSS reader, you may have to click through to get the embeds. Sorry!)

Commodore 16 Keyboard

Used an Adafruit KB2040. Gratuitous use of asyncio. The keymap needs work to be usable, but it's a good start. Direct gist link.

IBM XT "Model F" Keyboard

Used an Adafruit QT PY RP2040. This layout is AWFUL, the "beloved" iteration of the Model F was for AT computers, with a layout a lot more like a modern keyboard (aside from the placement of the Esc and Ctrl keys anyway) Direct gist link.

Tandy 1000 Keyboard

Used an Adafruit Feather RP2040. The trickiest, as caps lock and num lock are handled in the firmware; and there are some real oddities about the layout compared to the keyboards we're used to. This keyboard also needed the most clean-up but mechanically it's 100%. Direct gist link.

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