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Helpful Scripts for CircuitPython & Real Time Clocks (RTCs) [01594912346]
… and set it as the CircuitPython time source. I tried several detection methods, but settled on…

Calibrating the DS3231 and PCF8523 RTCs [01594923755]
The DS3231 and PCF8523 real time clocks (RTCs) can both be calibrated by writing various register values. To follow the calibration procedures you'll need a frequency counter you trust, with at least 6 digits to calibrate the PCF8523 and 7 digits to calibrate the DS3231. (It also has to operate at the comparatively low frequency of 32.768kHz; a common inexpensive 8-digit frequency counter such as the "SANJIAN STUDIO" has a minimum of 100kHz so it's not usable for this purpose) I use an old HP 5315B universal counter that has been calibrated against GPS time.

Minimal Time-Zone Handling for CircuitPython [01595021837]
… of Daylight Saving Time. However, CircuitPython doesn't build in any distinction between local and UTC time,…
… without last-week support. The "real" CircuitPython RTC has to be set to UTC time for this…

Quad CharliePlex FeatherWing hack [01595078470]
Adafruit makes these neat "CharlieWing" displays that allow you to control a 15x7 LED matrix using the I2C bus. I2C uses two signal wires (called SDA and SCL, for Serial DAta and Serial CLock), and can connect multiple devices as long as they have different addresses. I noticed that the bigger brother of this device, with a whopping 144 LEDs, could be configured for 4 different I2C addresses, while this one could only be configured for 2. Or could it?

Si5351 Frequency Planner in Python [01597601150]
… the form used in the CircuitPython adafruit_si5151 library. Sadly, as CircuitPython does not support the fractions…
… run this code on a CircuitPython board directly controlling the si5351 chip. Example: Generate 315M/88 (NTSC…

Pi Zero W USB Proxy [01599489100]

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